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Window, Conservatory and Solar Panel Cleaning

In the last few years, a lot of homeowners have realised the importance of clean windows. Sparkling windows not only enhance the overall look of your home, but also allows sunlight to come in and bring down your energy bills.


In 2005, the Working at Height Health & Safety legislation brought a lot of changes to how professionals handled window cleaning jobs. After the legislation, it was deemed not safe to use any ladders for standard window cleaning jobs. We abide by the legislation, and make sure we use other methods to clean your windows.  As a homeowner, this also serves to reduce your legal liability for window cleaners working on your property.

We use up to date pure water and ladderless (‘reach and wash’) cleaning methods, with no harmful chemicals.

We’ve learned to use an innovative and careful cleaning technique that’s not only safe, but also very effective. It makes sure your windows are cleaned properly, and shine like brand new for a very long time.

We only use pure water to clean your windows. It reaches your window through the pole. When pure distilled water is used over any surface, it easily absorbs existing substances. This leaves a smear free surface. Moreover, unlike other cleaning methods, distilled water doesn’t leave any residue.

Reach and Wash Ladderless Window Cleaning

Eco Pressure Services uses Reach and Wash Ladderless cleaning equipment. We use telescopic poles to clean your windows safely from the ground. This guarantees privacy, reduces Legal Liabilities, Faster Cleaning and Reduces Risk of Damage. During the cleaning process, your walls, cladding, windows, plants, window sills, borders and grass won’t be scratched or damaged by any ladders. We will make sure you receive an exceptional service at a great price.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Expensive Solar Panels can be an effective way to reduce your bills, but the PV panel needs to work 100% to get the most out of them, if your panels are covered in dirt, the amount of electricity they generate will be significantly reduced. Keeping them clean will ensure you are getting the maximum from your investment.Professionelle Solarzellenreinigung

It’s not always easy to see if your solar panels are clean, there are many elements that can make them dirty, from Stray bird mess to tree pollen and dirty, the build-up can be alarming. All of these decrease the amount of electricity you are producing.

Cleaning of solar panels isn’t as easy as cleaning windows, you should never use an abrasive soap or cleaning sponge, this may scratch the surface, and even tap water can leave a film of mineral deposits that will diminish the effectiveness of the solar panel.

We recommend that the solar panels are cleaned 3-4 times a year and they are cleaned by a professional service. Our Equipment is designed to professionally clean solar panels using appropriate cleaning products and industrial equipment.

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